How to start programming a manipulator robot?

  • I have taken on a project of pick and place. In that project, I would be using a manipulator robot.

    I don't have any experience in robots and how to code robot. I have basic knowledge of python. I don't know from where should I start. I have read on internet that ROS is needed to code robot and ROS is supported by Linux only. I have windows on my laptop. Do I have to install Linux and install ROS and start learning it or can it be done in windows as well.

    Please enlighten me with the basic starting step.


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  • If you are talking an industrial robot, you don't need ROS. It will have its own programming language. You could help us to help you by sharing the type of robot (manufacturer). You should sign up right away for a basic class from the maker of the robot. You need to have at least the basics, first and foremost, SAFETY.

  • I will buy a 4 or 5 axis robot. Robot is not decided yet. I am going to visit an exhibition for that.

    To learn basic, I am learning it online through online tutorials. Right now I am learning linux for robotics and then I will jump to ROS basic for robotics ( will use python because I already have knowledge of python) and then more detail stuff in ROS like URDF, TF ROS, ROS control, ROS for industrial robot, ROS for manipulation.

  • Keep in mind that this is a forum for industrial robots, and in industry, almost no one uses ROS on the plant floor. It is far simpler to just use the provided programming language that the robot you buy uses.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here!

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