Conveyor Tracking issue with CNV2

  • Hello all,

    First of all i am quite new to the ABB robots so don't know all the different features of the system.

    I am setting up a system using the documentation which has 2 DSQC377B boards.

    I have successfully setup CNV1 and have the robot tracking perfectly. Great!

    However, the second conveyor CNV2 position is not correct. This is the case with the physical encoder or simulating. I did swap the components to confirm there was no hardware problem with the encoder, cable etc. So I am somewhat confident it isnt a wiring issue.

    What i see when i run the conveyor is a value in the c2Position variable proportional to the speed of the conveyor. Wierd right? For instance if I run slow i get 0.1. if I run faster i get 0.5 etc. When I stop the position returns to 0.

    I have checked all the values that i can find in the config and IO signals and they are all the same (Except for the devicenet address of course).

    Anything else i should be checking to try and diagnose this?

    Any assistance is appreciated and thanks in advance.

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  • No I have both conveyors activated on startup.

    I think I found my problem and realised that the conveyor position in the jogging windows does not count until an object has passed the trigger sensor.

    Does this seem correct?

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