Weaving (welding package) at high speeds

  • Hey y'all!

    I'm was playing around with the FANUC welding package and the different weaving options it has, and I noticed that my robot will weave at low programmed speeds, but not at high programmed speeds and a low general override.

    For example, if I do

    Weave Sine[1]
    L P[1] 20inch/min CNT100
    Weave End

    I can clearly see the robot weave back and forth, but if I do

    Weave Sine[1]
    L P[1] 4000inch/min CNT100
    Weave End

    and then run that at like 1% override, the robot does not seem to weave at all.

    My guess is that the robot sees the high programmed speed, calculates that it can complete maybe half a sine weave, and then slowly plays that half-weave back over the course of the entire move rather than calculating the weave based off of the current speed.

    Can anyone confirm (or reject) this? Is there any way to alter this behavior? I want to proof some motion and run through my programs at higher speeds to make sure everything (including my weave) looks good before I actually start welding parts.


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  • If you use WELD_SPEED instead of a defined motion speed using weld schedules, it will weave even at robot max speed (2000 mm/sec for arcMate). Regardless, you will never be welding at that high of a speed while arc welding, unless you are looking to put arc strikes and a bunch of spaghetti all over your parts.

  • retobor,

    I agree, welding at high speeds is not a good idea. Still, sometimes I wish I could run through a program quickly, without actually welding, just to verify that the motion and weaving will line up with my parts.

    My understanding of WELD_SPEED is that it just defaults the motion speed to the speed specified in the schedule. I didn't think it affected weaving at all (other than through the same robot-speed-affecting-weaving phenomina that this thread is about)... am I mistaken?

  • When I am verifying path, I will run the first few inches to verify the size of the weave, then return to the start in step. Skip the weave instruction, and fwd execute to the next motion point. Also, if you fwd execute a weld instruction, it will play at weld speed. If you then bwk execute, fwd execute again, it will play at 100% speed in T1, ignoring the weld speed. Two ways I do it.

    Correct, it will run at the schedule speed. I find this more flexible as well. I have tested using (x)inch/min and WELD_SPEED in Roboguide. When I ran 4000in/min, it did not weave. When I ran WELD_SPEED at 2000mm/sec, it executed the weave instruction (this would be at full speed).

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