Kuka Rail-KR210 L150 K2000 z axis variation while moving manually in x,y direction

  • Hi Guy,

    We are trying to troubleshoot our Kuka rail (KR210 L150 K2000) to get a satisfactory tolerance, At the moment , we are struggling with z axis accuracy.If the robot is being moved manually from one position to another using x and y axis only , the robot will also move 1 to 2mm in the Z axis, which is above my understanding.

    If anyone had faced similar issue and solved it , please share his feedback as well. I will be obliged.



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  • Hello Guys,

    An update on this issue. We have been successfully able to resolve this issue. I ll try to explain what happened and what we did.

    So the Kuka has a payload (spindle) of 35kg ,which has been attached to the arms with the help of a transition steel bracket which converts circular flange of the kuka to a rectangular mounting plate on spindle side .The bracket itself is a welded assembly.

    Initially , when we assembled the spindle with the transition piece and mounted on the robot , it yields a 4 degree angle in the ball mill tool when measured via a digital level. So in order to make it perfectly vertical we override the advised calibration method and aligned the A6 manually via digital level.

    Yesterday, we decided to follow the standard procedure by calibrating the A6 with the dial guage and modifying the bracket to make the tool vertical. We did it and it works fine now in z axis.

    There are some other issues as well with the accuracy of the robot which I will post in another thread.


    Junaid Abbas

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