Fanuc S-420F - linear movement have become circular movement after reinstall and mastering

  • Hi.

    I have Fanuc S-420F robot with Karel that i am having som problems with, it has been working fine for some years, but suddenly i had "CM0: -- ERROR 109: Parity Error" when booting. I then reinstalled the whole system. And then i jogged the robot to the mastering points, and i did the mastering on the computer. Everything seems to be working fine but the linear movement is no longer linear. When i jog in jogframe or worldframe, the robot seem to move in a big circular movement instead og linear. I noticed when i jog in joint, axis 5 has limited movement. I get limit error messages when reaching the limit for axis 5. error 3009 and 3014.

    Anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

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  • When the mastering is correct, the problem is the reinstalled software.

    I think you have loaded the software for the wrong type of S-420.

    There are a lot of different types of S-420, and they almost all have a different gearing.

    Sometimes even robot of the same type are available in different gearings

    So, be absolutely sure wich type of robot you have, be sure you have the right software for it, and reload the software.

  • The obvious answer is Fanuc, but even if they will help you, it is going to be costly.

    You can try e-bay, I have seen core-software of some robots advertised.

    What is the type of the controller and the robot ?

    I have software for a few types of S420.

  • Oh, that is too old... My oldest software is RJ

    Has the robot the same F-number as the controller ?

    All those different robotnumbers seems like a mess to me.

    Did you, before you changed the software, made a back-up of the variables ? (If that is possible with that contoller)

    If you have, you can try to put the variables back, because that is probably where the difference is located.

  • Not being totally conversant with Fanuc.

    I would jog these joints in joint mode and confirm positive and negative rotations are in line with the correct clockwise/anti clockwise directions as per the model, I suspect one of the minor axis (JT5) is running in the incorrect direction.

    I saw this once on a Kawasaki:

    ZB150 vs UB150 on a C52 Controller.

    It's original software was for UB150, but a ZB150 had been fitted on it and this resulted in the exact type of motion you are referring to.

    I tested it in joint mode and discovered JT5 was rotating in the reverse direction it should have been.

    I confirmed this with Kawasaki themselves and they said mechanically the ZB and UB series had a different gearing on JT5 and the software specific to the model needed installing, and indeed this resolved it.

    So it sounds like you're on the right track to me...…………….Model and Software mismatch?

  • Thank you everyone. I figured it out. I managed to oversee the S-420W robot type during installation because i was blindly following the manual i had, after i selected the right robot type, everything was ok! :smiling_face:

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