Tool that labels/comments FANUC data directly from Excel spreadsheet

  • I wrote an open-source command-line tool called fexcel a while ago that reads an Excel spreadsheet and then populates the comments/labels for things like registers, position registers, string registers, user alarms, I/O, etc.

    You basically tell fexcel where your data is located, how the columns are laid out and a list of robot IP addresses, and it will go and do everything for you... probably in less than a second. (Probably overkill, but it works concurrently. i.e. it takes about the same time to label one robot as it does to label 20 robots)


    Make sure KAREL is unlocked under Setup > Host Comm > HTTP.

    fexcel [options] filename host(s)...

    > ./fexcel -sheet Data -numregs A2 -posregs D2 -dins IO:A2 spreadsheet.xlsx

    You can read more about it here or at the project's GitHub repository. Download the latest release here.

  • I've just started to get my head into the Fanuc family and have visited your website too for some background reading.

    Found it very informative and tried your fexcel spreadsheet very useful indeed, whilst using Roboguide helped me to set some basic templates quickly without 'like you say key bashing'.

    Makes it a whole lot easier for sure...……..:top:

    Many thanks as I have found your information very useful indeed.

  • I just pushed a beta release of fexcel v2, and I would appreciate your feedback. You can download it here.

    From the release page:

    New features

    * Create a spreadsheet based on the comments of a remote robot or backup directory with `fexcel create`

    * Compare the comments in your spreadsheet to any number of targets (remote robots or backup directories) with `fexcel diff`

    * Create a configuration file so you don't have to pass the location flags to fexcel every time with the `--save` flag

    * See what fexcel sees in your spreadsheet and provided configuration (args or config file) with a bare `fexcel` command

    * Get help on any command via `fexcel help` or `fexcel help [cmd]` or `fexcel [cmd] --help`


    Too many to name, but it's worth mentioning that the comment setting/updating command (`fexcel set`) works intelligently. v1 just hammered each robot with potentially hundreds of requests, but v2 only updates comments that are different from the spreadsheet.


    Use `fexcel help` or see the README on the dev branch.

  • Hi,jay,

    I don't know how to use this .exe file

    After executing the command, the CMD window shows "Not an internal command or external command"

    Please forgive my ignorance of computer knowledge.

    Looking forward to your answer, thank you!

  • Hi KUKA_Robot_Lovers,

    Sounds like either you mistyped the program name or your command prompt doesn't know where the exe is.

    1. Make sure your cmd prompt is in the same directory as fexcel (e.g. C:\Users\KUKA_Robot_Lovers\Downloads) or place fexcel somewhere on your system's PATH

    2. If you're in the same directory as the exe, you should be able to type "fexcel" then TAB to complete the rest of the filename

    3. Use "fexcel help" for more information on the various command line flags

    Hope this helps.

  • command:

    C:\Users\***>fexcel --sheet Data --numregs A2 spreadsheet.xlsx

    Error: requires a spreadsheet

    some problem happened

    and how to solved it?

  • Hi Jay!

    I have just downloaded your program and I think its great!

    Yet, I have two questions:

    1. Could you please provide some more examples on how to use SET command? I am trying to save configuration with following command but he doesnt want to accept it:

    fexcel set c:/users/t.stampar/Downloads/spreadsheet1.xlsx --gins G2 --save ./savedata.yaml

    2. Is it possible to just download all data without using flags, just this template?

    Thank you very much!

    Kind regards,


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