IRC5 Compact PROFINET Anybus connection with B&R (X20IF10E1-1)

  • Hello,

    I am writting on forum, because I have got a problem with PROFINET connection between ABB IRC5 Compact (DSQC688) and B&R PLC (PROFINET card X20IF10E1-1) which is master.

    Firts of all, I am using RobotStudio 6.08.01 and on IRC5 is installed RobotWare 6.09.01.

    1) I configured PROFINET Anybus ike on manual, so in I/O System i configure PROFINET Internal Anybus Device like this:

    -Name "PN_Internal_Anybus" -VendorName "ABB Robotics"\

    -ProductName "PROFINET Internal Anybus Device" -OutputSize 64\

    -InputSize 64

    2) Then I go on Industry Network and set options for PROFINET (but I couldn't change PROFINET name).

    -Name "PROFINET_Anybus" -Label "PROFINET Anybus Network"\

    -Address "" -SubnetMask "" -Gateway ""\

    3) After then I created signals like this:

    -Name "PN_Internal_Anybus_DI1" -SignalType "DI" -Device "PN_Internal_Anybus" -DeviceMap "1" ... "64"

    -Name "PN_Internal_Anybus_DO1" -SignalType "DO" -Device "PN_Internal_Anybus" -DeviceMap "1" ... "64"

    4) Then I connected PROFINET cables between IRC5 and B&R PROFINET card but It doesn't work.

    Configuration in B&R PLC looks like in attachments (zip file with screens).

    The problem is, that after connection I have got on IRC5 PROFINET AnyBus LINKS: Green light, and Module status: RED, 2 flashes, what means IP address error.

    Then also on B&R module (X20IF10E1-1) BF LED was blinking in RED colour (Configuration error: Not all configured I/O modules are connected).

    I checked many times configuration (IP, data lenght etc.) but I don't know where is the problem.

    What should I change in my steps? Should I do something more on ABB IRC5 side?

    Thanks for your help and answers.


  • AD
  • The problem was with virtual machine, where I couldn't find PROFINET devices from B&R PROFINET configurator. Now all is working correct.

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