SRVO 073

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  • MENU>SYSTEM>MASTER_CAL once you have the master cal screen open hit F3 for the option RES_PCA and then F4 for yes. This will clear the Pulse coder alarms. You may need to cycle power afterwards in which case please make sure your batteries are good and you have a good AOA/IMAGE backup. If it comes back there is likely an issue.

    This is all the manual says about SRVO-073:

    SRVO-073 CMAL alarm(Group:%d Axis:%d)
    Cause:  The Pulsecoder may be faulty, or noise may be causing the Pulsecoder to malfunction.
    1.  Improve the shielding.
    2.  Do PULSE RESET Operation.
    3.  Replace the Pulsecoder, then perform mastering.
    Refer to the Controller Maintenance Manual for more information.

    "I could tell that my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio."

  • Did you lose mastering when the fault occurred? RES_PCA and cycling power won't lose your mastering unless the encoder cable is removed or damaged in some way or the encoder itself is damaged or removed. If you did lose mastering you will have to establish a pulse (you will likely see SRVO-075 come up) and then remaster. Do you have a good backup? Do you have the original master counts? There are quite a few posts regarding mastering on the forums with some detailed steps on the easiest way to do it. You should only need to remaster the axis that is faulted out.

    "I could tell that my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio."

  • When i do RES_PCA, i can not use robot. It asked me calibration and mastering. I did not have SRVO-075 error. I do not have original master counts. I do master with line up lines on every axis. My problem is that only whey to clear error is to do RES_PCA, then I need to do calibration and mastering.

    I am not sure what should I do to avoid this.

  • It sounds like you've cleared the alarm and it came back and you lost master data again? If that's the case you need to check your encoder cap and cable. If you have a spare cap I would replace it as the manual suggests.

    "I could tell that my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio."

  • Think of RES_PCA as RESet PulseCoder Alarm. You are only resetting an alarm buffer in the PulseCoder, not the PulseCoder data. Resetting the PulseCoder is not causing the need for remastering/calibration. The Reset buttons on the teach pendant and operator panel don't reset alarms in the PulseCoders. The RES_PCA sends an alarm reset command thru the data link to the PulseCoders.

    The SRVO-073 CMAL will have a group and axis listed. Is the alarm only on one axis? Does it happen at start up or when motor power comes on? Do other alarms occur at the same time?

  • Yes, alarm is for J2 axis. SRVO 073 happens while robot is working. I do not have any other alarms.

    When I do RES_PCA,I clear all errors. After that, when I what to move robot, I can`t. It notice me that robot is not calibrated. When I what to do calibration, it asking me zero mastering

  • It appears the CMAL alarm is causing the loss of mastering. You should be able to Single Axis master axis J2 instead of the whole robot.

    Regarding the cause of the CMAL:

    >> Make sure the ribbon cables are seated at the Main CPU board and the E-Stop board. Make sure the JRF3 & JRF4 ground wires are connected.

    >> Remove the rear cover at the base of the robot and make sure the ground wires are attached to their ground points.

    >> Make sure the RP1 connection at the base of the robot is clean, double-checking the back of the connector.

    >> Inspect the robot-to-controller RP1 cable. Make sure to note anything abnormal.

    >> Move axis J2 to its zero position so that J2 can be easily remastered when done. Disconnect the J2 PulseCoder cable and verify the connection is clean in the cable and the PulseCoder. Make sure the J2 cable & connector are not damaged.

    PulseCoders can accumulate dust and film over the years. Do you have another PulseCoder to replace this one?

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