Rj3ib Outputs

  • Greetings everyone

    I'm working with a Fanuc 2000ia 165F with a R3jiB controller using the inputs and outputs to comunicate with a PLC, but i'm having a problem.

    I usually send 4 outputs using them as states, and im looking for a way to turn on my outputs using the same code line, does someone knows how to do this?

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  • You can use a group output. With a GO you can group all four bits together and set them as a 4 bit integer value. That would give you a value range of 0 to 15.

    Maybe this is too much to ask but, can you tell me how to configure a GO, I’m kinda new with this subjects

  • Very similar to setting up digital outputs, but they must be consecutive outputs. I am assuming they are digital outputs currently?

    First I would check the config for your current 4 outputs. Find the Rack, Slot, and Start point of the first one. Then go to the config for your Group output and set the same Rack, Slot, and Start, then set Num Pts to 4.

    Then cycle power to the robot and it should be ready to go.

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