DCS too many zone or models! (1089)

  • I'm trying to change a CPC zone from restricted diagonal to restricted lines.

    I've disabled the CPC currently being used and created and enabled a new one that performs the same function, the only difference is I changed my zone from restricted diagonal to restricted lines. When I go to apply the new changes, I get the following error on the screen that displays: "Too many zone or models? (1089)

    Anyone have an idea what this means? I know my info is vague so if you guys need more info, please let me know and I'll add more.


  • DCS is limited to a certain amount of processing time in order to react quickly to unsafe situations. Each zone and model uses up part of that, and more complex shapes use a lot of it.

    For user models, boxes use up a lot of time factor. Zones created with lines use more than diagonals. It is all detailed in the manual.

    The best way to reduce it is to change any box elements to point or line elements.

  • The DCS manual does a good job of laying out the processing time factors for each element shape in a chart form. I have struggled with this in the past. It also mentions that if Ethernet/IP Safety, DeviceNet Safety, or PROFINET Safety options are used, 400 is added to the process time factor. Using other options also add to the process time factor, however, the additions are smaller.

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