Robotic Labelling systems

  • Well, I have a new assignment that involves (among other things) applying labels to plastic totes (roughly like these) on all four sides. The robot would have to take the labels from the printer and apply them to the plastic totes.

    This isn't something I feel like reinventing the wheel for, especially since there appear to be several products on the market that already handle this:…cts/robotic-load-labeling (I especially like this one)

    So, has anyone done this kind of application in the past? Any nuggets of wisdom to pass along?;) Any particularly standout vendors to recommend? (North American preferred). We're probably going to want something that uses Fanucs, b/c that's what the rest of the packaging line will be running.

    I'm also open to non-robotic solutions -- I'm aware that, as a roboticist, I have a tendency to look at the world through robot-colored goggles. 8o

  • HawkME

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