Fanuc Robot with Two Single Axis Positionerers:

  • Fanuc Robot with Two Single Axis Positionerers:

    Robot can work either with GP2 or with GP3,

    My question is: Robot do have userframes, When I want to define a userframe wrt to GP2, by Robot side I make userframe, there are seperate userframes for GP2 and GP3, Why Do I need a userframe For GP2? How it is useful? Its Rotating Axes.

    Roby Controller is also installed with Coordination Motion Packet, How does robot program look like? (While Robot Programm is Generated by External CAD/CAM Software and is sent using FTP, I check which positionierer is on robot side, change group mask according.) Does it Comes with instruction COORD for the normal Inline form??

    Many Thanks in Advance!!!

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