KRC2 Controller RAM-DISK Memory Map - is this correct

  • I have a number of old KRC2 machines in the field and am looking to explore some controller development work.

    This means I need to understand the structure of the controller ram-disk once all programs are loaded.

    I can't find too much documentation on this but have established the following basic memory map.

    Is this 'table' correct?

    Total motherboard memory: 512MB

    First 256MB: Drivers, NDIS driver, Interface drivers, Windows XP kernel and Windows uploader which loads VxWorks

    Next 48MB (roughly): Vx works (about 32MB), Shared memory, Anchor

    Next 16MB: Windows XP

    Next 1MB: kuka BIOS and hardware support (MM Hardware)

    Next 190MB: RAM - is this all for robot program use?

    Please do let me know where I can find more detailed explanations. Thanks in advance.

  • AD

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