SPOT 064 low current

  • Poor intermittent spot weld , robot does not stop but this alarm is evident. Unable to trace fault code as it says it is the weld controller but I don't have a manual

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    Changed the title of the thread from “SPOT 064 ALARM” to “SPOT 064 low current”.
  • This robot applies 8 welds, this only happens on the very first weld applied but can happen at any time. There is a slight gap of 1.5mm and the material is 2.9 to 2.9. This alarm happens because ultrasonics have found this weld failing quite a few times so we reduced the current low to 3% on this sequence so the robot will stop so we know this weld has failed and we can scrap the part off. Operator ran over 300 parts and we had six failures ?. Material is also coated and the robot has tried to weld it but there is only a very small nugget. We have another cell which runs the same parts and a cell which runs the opposite hand to this all with the same settings but with no failures.


  • :thumbup:Will let you know if we find anything,don't think fit up is the problem as why does this not happen all the time. Built over 200 parts today and only two failed, will post more as we are looking into other things.


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