• Hey guys

    I am running jobs from DX100 with a lot of position variables. I can only squeeze 128 position variables into a job at a time, which is a bit limiting. I'm hoping to run jobs without having to use RS232 or Ethernet. Is it possible to use LOADJ to call a job from a USB plugged into the pendant? Then I could have a master job which uploads jobs with new position variables as needed? I don't have time to get the memory expanded so I can put more position variables in one job.

    From my experience if I load a couple of jobs onto the controller at the same time, and using the same position variables, only the position variables of the last job uploaded are kept. So i guess I can't use CALL and just upload a few separate jobs before starting. I am still limited to 128 position variables at a time.

    Thanks :D

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  • I would not trust a USB communicating all the time from the programming pendant to the controller, even if DCI were possible using USB. I've lost communication many times just from things vibrating in the plant.

    You are correct on loading jobs. The last job loaded would overwrite the current position variable's values with the values declared in the job's header.

    You may have the ability to expand the position variables yourself, depending on hardware. In maintenance mode, in management security level, under SYSTEM, SETUP, OPTION FUNCTION, is VARIABLE ALLOCATION. Depending on software version you can give yourself 1280, 1560, 1611, etc. position variables. It shows on the screen the maximum number. The depending part is what position variables you need to increase (Robot) may decrease another type (Base or Station) that you may also need.

    Changing the number of variables requires you to initialize the jobs, var.dat, varname.dat, and uframe.cnd. You'd want to have this backed up as individual files so you can reload after changing the number of variables.

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  • Not a great solution but what about a job that changes the values in the variables? Then you can use the same P-var several times..

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