Control of Robotiq 3 Finger Gripper using Sunrise OS for open and close

  • Hi,

    I have attached a 3 finger Robotiq gripper to KUKA iiwa robot.

    The IO communications was setup based on the advanced controls as given in the Robotiq gripper manual.

    In the code, I am able to activate the gripper and making the fingers to go to pinch mode by giving the following commands:

    private byte activate_gripper = 0x1;

    private byte gripper_pinch = 00000011;


    But there are couple of things I am unable to do,

    Mainly, close the gripper after setting it to be in the pinch mode

    second, I am unable to get the gripper status using


    Robotiq.getGripperOptions() etc.

    Can someone kindly explain how the sending and receiving of data works with the Robotiq Gripper Please?

    The configuration is done as per the Robotiq 3-Finger Adaptive Instruction manual Pg:34 Register mapping for the advanced control.

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