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    If I can get my hands on some "how to" material, can I teach myself how to program Kawasaki robots? Mostly path programming, IO config, etc. If this is the route to go, how easily can I get training/operating material? I know Fanuc fairly well and I'm good with Motoman too, so if it's easy, I could potentially figure it out.


    Should I sign up for one of their classes?

    Is Kawasaki comparable to Fanuc or Motoman?

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    I am in a similar situation to you, except, I know Kawasaki and I'm now venturing into Fanuc.

    Many features, setup configurations, and program structures differences indeed to get your head around.

    All robots are comparable in that they move from A to B using differing hardware and programming methods.

    Main issues are with the word 'comparison' should try not to compare to much in the early stages as most of the time you see the 'new equipment wearing negative glasses'.

    Treat it as though you are a novice, allow yourself to grasp the fundamental basics then once you have these, then you are in a better position to compare and see the actual 'pros and cons'.

    For this reason alone, I would always recommend some form of OEM training to start with.

    Even though you know other products, there is no substitute for getting the opportunity to get some hands on, speaking to OEM trainers/staff about comparisons etc and the experience of just how the others do it.

    This you would benefit from, especially being able to view and discuss hardware connections and configuration recommendations from an OOBE perspective.

    In addition to this, definitely obtain an OLP app (especially OEM specific), this will enable you to quickly get upto speed on Teach Pendant and Programming.

    As far as obtaining manuals, tips and hints:

    Kawasaki do have a good user support network, I use them a lot.

    Today's philosophy is to go on the internet first......leaving OEM Tech support redundant, but I would always go to them first as they are in better position to assist you directly with product related issues, especially with 'novice startup questions' and latest manuals.

    Then come to Robot Forum, and get in touch with the 'global community', this is where you be in touch with users from many applications with experience in application of the product and this will then bolster your existing knowledge and also you could provide assistance to others too.

    I wish you the best of luck in you knew venture, like I said I am in the same situation with Fanuc and the above is how I am approaching it.

    Feel free to pop in and feedback any questions you may have...……..:justice:

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    If you already know the other robot models, i think it is easy to learn the Kawasaki language. You can take a look over the programming and I/O manuals.

    What do you want to know? Give some examples and we can discuss.

    I pretty much need to know how to config IO to an AB PLC, teach a path to a material handling robot with a "Robot 7th axis," and pretty much make it run in auto.

    If it's cut and dry, I'd like to get my hands on some manuals. Is it similar to Fanuc and you're a certified integrator, you have easy access to their manuals, otherwise, not so much? In other words, if I were to contact Kawasaki, with they give me the manuals I need or do they control that much like Fanuc?

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