AliasIO and waiting for signals

  • Hello

    I am working on a robot program where we create a signal from a string (name) and afterwards wait for a high input on that signal. Something like this:

    AliasIO signal_name, temp_signal;
    WaitDI temp_signal, 1

    So now my question is the following: Lets assume that the input does not go high. Will it in any way be possible for the user to see which signal we are waiting on (via the robot menus), or will I have to make some code for that myself? It is not very helpful for the user to know that we are waiting for temp_signal, he will want to know the original name of the signal.

    Thanks in advance!


  • Use the Function ArgName(signalname) if you have it available. If fetches the original data object's name.

    Thanks, but that is not quite what I want. In Kuka KRL, if I write something like this

    wait for $in[501] == true

    then the robot will show a message about which signal we are waiting for (input 501). And if the user has added a description for that input, then the description will be part of that message. Lets say that the description for the signal is "in_gripper_close". Then the message will be something like "waiting for in_gripper_close == true". This message will automatically be shown when we are waiting, and will automatically disappear when the condition is met. Is there a way to get a similar behavior on ABB?

    Im guessing I could add a message in the log window every time we are waiting, and another message when we are no longer waiting, but I don't think that is a pretty solution.


  • Thanks for your answer! That is about the same way I was planning to do it. I had just hoped that the robot would have some built-in way of seeing which signal we are waiting for, but I guess this will have to do.


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