Using MoveL(or P)-Direction until tool contact: Deburring

  • I am using polyscope v5.4.0 I am trying to deburr plastic parts using a silica-carbide impregnated nylon bristle brush (think wire wheel but nylon).

    I am trying to move the part into the wheel, save TCP pos, retract, & move back in to do the deburring, basically so as the wheel wears the diameter of the brush will not matter.

    I am having problems with the tool contact, the robot tries to push through the wheel without finding the edge.

    I have verified that I have the correct TCP, payload, and CoM, and even got data from the gripper mfg to account for the fingertips. I have my tool deceleration set to 3000mm/s^2, tool speed at 50mm/s, and acceleration at 1200mm/s^2. I have also tried tool speeds of 25 and 100, with the same result.

    I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions, or has done this before. It seems pretty simple so I am not sure why I cant get it to work.

    I have Robotiq's Force Copilot, that I could use, but do not have a F/T Sensor. I would think that this is something that I could do all in polyscope with the new update.

  • Stop ahead of the part, get the force, calculate a max, create a loop that works while force < max, continuous check, send ther obot forward in that loop.

    VAR_FORCE = Force()




    WP_EDGE_POS = Get_Actual_TCP_Pose ()

    Something of the kind, I think,

  • What I ended up doing is nesting relative and/or direction based moves inside of a Frame type Force nodes, and then wait for force() to approach the set value, in the force node, before starting . I think I was just overthinking at first. (KISS:fine:)

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