Tracing a program error in s4c+

  • Whenever I try to run a program, I get a pop-up message splashed in front of the production window. It says, "Cannot start program. Probably, error in program! Press enter to continue." This is not an actual error or warning or whatever, so it does not have an error number nor get recorded in the logs. It occurs intermittently, regardless of which program I am running, and it prevents operation. I'm not running any background tasks.

    I attempted a system image restore to a point that I knew worked, but had no success. I suspected a hardware issue, so I replaced the axis computer, the main computer, and the mass storage cartridge. None of those hardware changes helped. Even if it did work momentarily, the issue would return.

    I'm also having a problem that's probably unrelated. Our robot drifts in manual mode, as if it were receiving a CCW twist from the joystick. The drift is most obvious with large increment moves. Replacing the TP had no effect. The thing is, we noticed this problem just before we started having the "probably error" problem. It could have been occurring for a long time before we noticed, but maybe it's actually related?

    Can somebody please point me to the source of this problem?



    RAPID 4.0

    IRB 6650/3.2-125

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  • What revision level is the RW4.0? Early versions were somewhat buggy. If older, newer rev might give better error reporting or the reload may fix the 'glitch'. There are plenty of reasons for the 127 revs.

    Regarding the joystick, you mentioned the knob. In joint, that would effect only axis 3 & axis 6. Can you verify proper joystick operation in teach pendant test mode (power on holding the 'Delete' key if I remember right)? The joystick may not be centering properly after moving it - seen this happen when the rubber boot on the stem has issues or it is pushed down too far so for the knob, there might be dirt/debris under the knob that keeps it from centering sometimes. Seen joysticks not track properly after the pendant has been dropped and the joystick stem is pushed in - the joystick test should find this.

  • Thank you all for the help. I've been monitoring the issue for a few weeks and here's what I've found.

    Our problems do seem to be somehow related to regain distances. When the splash screen pops up, I am unable to run or continue the program (so I couldn't just retry the last command, Lemster). However, I can do manual moves. If I move the robot slightly in any direction, then I am allowed to clear the splash screen and then the program can continue just fine. I am seeing occasional regain distance errors, but not at the same time as the splash-screen lockup. Lemster, what pointed you to regain distances?

    Skooter, joints 3 and 6 drift if we're in joint mode. If we're in linear, the tool will drift up if we're using world coordinates or away from the workpiece if we're using tool coordinates. In any case, it's always a left twist on the joystick. I couldn't find a joystick test in the manuals and I couldn't create one with your instructions.

    I am not sure which rev I am using for RAPID 4.0. How would I check that? Where could I get a different revision?

  • It definitely sounds like a bad joystick. 3HNE00313-1 teach pendant test -> hold the delete key on the keypad while powering on the controller. Once the test screen comes up, release the delete key. Robotmer has a YouTube video if you want to watch although I don't recommend plugging/unplugging the pendant connector while the controller is on.

    For revision information. Go to Service menu, then System Info, then Product ID. It should say 3HAC6811-x.xx where the xxx minus 100 is the revision. Example: 3HAC6811-1.84 is revision 84 and 3HAC6811-2.19 is revision 119. If the controller boots up without any errors, it will also show up on the opening screen with the ABB logo.

  • Regain error, or issues related to the Path Return Region in the controller configuration file (SYS.cfg), can be dismissed with well thought out moving of the program pointer (PP), well at least in RW 5.15 and above.

    Moving the PP clears the planned path allowing the program to start, from WHEREVER the PP is!!.

  • Thank you all for your help, it looks like it got resolved. At least, I think so :winking_face: I haven't heard from the operators about the issue since my last post, so I'll take that as a win.

    Thanks again!

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