Continuing previous motion after an interruption

  • Hi,

    I am trying to program a recovery strategy after a collision has been detected on an LBR IIWA 14. I have set up a listener-observer which fires based on a collision condition. Within this observer, I cancel the current motion and wait for collision to clear. I am stuck on how to continue the previous motions from this point. Using the motion container of the interrupted motion, I could command the segment of the motion that was cancelled. But what if there is one more collision during this motion? It would trigger the same observer but the action of stopping the robot would be queued.

    A pause and resume functionality for robot motions would have been great but I suppose this is not possible?

    Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated!!

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  • Instead of stopping or pausing your motion do this when you detect an obstacle:


    The robot will freeze, like it a wait(). Once there's no force applied on the robot, you can get your override back to normal:


    And the robot will resume.

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