Robot Connection

  • So, here's the scoop. The company I am working for has just invested in new robotics. Now, while I have worked with robotics before, I have never set them up from scratch. How do I connect the robot to the plc via ethernet? specifically Allen Bradley. Any support will do. I have a few weeks before it becomes a large problem.

  • You need to purchase the Ethernet IP software option from Fanuc if you don't already have it. There are several different options but I recommend the Advanced EIP Adapter Package (option # RTL-R860). Then you can add the robot as a generic ethernet module in the PLC with the following settings:

    • Comm Formate: Data - INT
    • Input: Assembly Instance: 101 Size: "however many Inputs you want, 16 per size number"
    • Output: Assembly Instance: 151 Size: "however many outputs you want, 16 per size number"
    • Configuration: Assembly Instance: 100 Size 0

    For example if you want 64 DI's, you would set the size to 4

    Set the IP address of the robot and that is about it on the PLC Side, besides giving descriptions to the tags.

    On the robot side, you will go to IO>EthernetIP, Connection 1, set the Input and Output size to match the PLC settings. Then enable the connection. Then you can map any "digital" IO you want (UI/O, DI/O, GI/O) by configuring that IO to Rack 89, Slot 1.

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