FANUC Move Relative to Tool

  • Hi,

    I am working on a FANUC Robot and have not been able to get any training done prior to this,

    Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction regards trying to get the Robot to move ''Relative to Tool''

    For example I want to be able to as part of the Homing movement, Move to Tool -200mm on the Z axis to move it of the way of any obtrusions etc

    I have been able to do movements like this no problem in the ABB robots and Epson robots.

    Thanks in Advance for any help provided.

  • Use the 'Tool Offset, PR[...]' motion modifier at the end of the line that contains the home motion instruction. The position register should be taught in Cartesian representation with all values zero except for Z which would be -200mm.

  • Brilliant mate, One more questions,

    As I move through different programs and create new points. Th TP creates P Numbers that have been used prior.

    For example if in program 1

    J p[1] 80% CNT 5

    J p[2] 80% CNT 5

    J p[3] 80% CNT 5

    Then when I am in program two and want to create a new point it automatically defines its as

    J p[1] again,

    Does this mean that the P numbers are tied to specific programs and are not global across the robot ?

  • Going to throw some additional info in here that may be helpful in the future:

    If you want to copy positions from one program to the next, you want to perform a Copy (EDCMD -> Copy/Cut -> F2[Select] -> Highlight lines -> Copy) from the first program, then perform a POSITION (NOT POSID) paste in the second program. This will copy the positional data (including XYZWPR, Frame Numbers, configuration, etc) into the second program, storing the data in the next available positional index number in the second program. Keep in mind this just copies the position data over, but will not link the two programs' positional data; a change or touchup to P[1] in the first program will not reflect to P[1] in the second program.

  • Thanks for the Input,

    I now have a FANCUC Robot pretty much humming, Main Process wise anyways.

    I have another Question if you could help with,

    Currently ''Trying'' to make the machine Operator Proof so want to perform homing via this method,

    Define current pos of robot to [p1]

    Offset 1 z 50mm

    Define current pos of robot to [p1]

    Offset 1 Y 150mm

    I am struggling to find the command that lets me update current position to a Robot Positions Variable ?

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