External axis rotate slowly in krc4

  • hello

    I'm working on adhesive robotic application for gluing the car glass with KRC4 v8.3 , In this project we have an external axis (ME_60_110_30_S0) which it is responsible for rotating adhesive applicator in 90 degree in 4 corners of glass, we config the external axis by means of work visual and I almost didn't change anything from default value unless transmission ratio that is set to 25/1 from mechanical data of applicator, now the problem is that the motor speed is lower than we expected, so the point witch is taught with spline is more faster than corner point which external axis move with other axis simultaneously.

    i'm wondering if you could help me with advice us which variables and how much we can change them to accelerate the speed of external axis

    I truly appreciate your kindly helps like always

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    Recently I had this problem as well using external axis, so I contacted local KUKA support and had an engineer over.

    Turned out that in the axis properties there is a property for the nominal RPM. The default of this value 2300 (something around that) was not close to the actual rated RPM for that motor and KSP combination according to KUKA specifications document.

    Setting that value to the value as described in KUKA documentation made the motor significantly faster. In my case it was rated for 4500 RPM. So that is something you can check in your WorkVisual project.

    Was with KRC4 KSS 8.3.

  • Az

    Changed the title of the thread from “External axis configuration in krc4” to “External axis rotate slowly in krc4”.
  • Thank you basti

    you mean I should change $VEL_AXIS_MA?

    But according to attached document I have tow speed parameter rated speed and maximum speed (4500), should I change $vel_axis_ma from 2714 to 4500 rpm

    and this change can cause damage to the system, or not?



    I think you have to calculate maximum value of $VEL_AXIS_MA.

    $VEL_AXIS_MA[Axis number]=(266 * 60) / Number of pole pairs

    Did you configure your ramp-up, proportional component's, for speed and position controller and integral component for speed controller?

    This is best to perform when you have maximum load on your motor. (it is described in "Configuration of Kinematic Systems", chapter 7.4 )

    edit: If your result for vel_axis_ma is bigger than rated speed of the motor, than configure it with rated speed.

  • Mx_60_110 motor is so called D0 size motor or Siemens 1FK7060.

    it is a 4-pole motor so it has torque and not speed.

    nominal speed is 3000RPM so you can set rated speed to 3000RPM and max speed to 4000RPM.

    since your gear ratio is already fixed, the only way to optimize performance is to perform tuneup.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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