RobotSensorInterface 3.3 with OfficeLite 8.3, does it work?

  • Hello everyone, I'm trying to set-up the above-mentioned configuration, I've read differing opinions online about its feasibility, but maybe someone here could have managed to do that.

    I found some works which successfully deployed RSI on OL, such:

    - Development of a Robot-based Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection System

    - Development of Hardware-in-the-Loop Facility for Optical Navigation with the Study of Insect Inspired Algorithm for Spacecraft Landing

    - Implementing Multi-Touch Screen for Real-time Control of a Robotic cell

    But all of them used an old KR C2 OfficeLite version.

    On the other hand, OfficeLite 8.3 documentation states this:

    Is this true? Then why older OfficeLite versions worked with RSI?

    P.S: for the RSI configuration I think I did everything by the book, relying on an additional host-only network interface added in the VM for the purpose and properly configured. I tested the RSI Ethernet Example while wireshark was sniffing packets on the correct interface, nothing was sent from the SmartHMI to the host machine where the RSI TestServer was running, and the KRL program died at the RSI_MOVECORR() line after giving an RSIBad status.

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  • Hallo,

    the RSI software is talking directly with the base system.

    On KSS V8.3 the KLI (defining a virtual 6 for this communication) is forwarding the request to the base system.

    On KRC2 machines the base system needed an extra ethernet card for this communication

    Office Lite does not have the KLI and you cannot install a extra ethernet card, you only can use a program called "router.exe" to connect thru the windows network card to the shared memory.

    In your second document you will find the drawing for that type of connection



  • Thank you, I'm trying the KUKA Router right now, but for some reason UDP is not available:


    And I think that the RSI config requires UDP. Maybe I need a different Router version (this one came with KUKA.ProConOS)

  • but where can i find the router.exe?

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