motor current or motor moment

  • Hello!

    Could we somehow control in program motor current or motor moment of inertia?

    I mean to use motor current or motor moment of inertia as a parameter in the program in order to compare them with some constants.

    Something similar as commands:

    WHERE 10 .... Display the motor current


    WHERE 72.... Display the motor load

    So the main idea to save in program in real time motor current (or motor moment of inertia) of the external axis and use it as parameter for calculation.

    Do you know how to do it of give for us some recommendations?

  • You could look into using the IQARM(axis number), TRQNM(axis number) commands.

    These 2 commands are in the existing E Controller AS Manual.

    (not available on earlier controllers).

    - These commands return the current/torque values for the specified axis.

    - Therefore you could use these commands, obtain the values and then put them into a calculation.

    eg: Grab all 6 currents at a specific point in time.

    1. FOR i = 1 TO 6
    2. currjt[i] = ABS(IQARM(i))
    3. END

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