UR program pointer

  • hello, i'm familiar with traditional industrial robots: abb, kuka, fanuc and so on. Typically in program execution, you can stop program run by pressing stop button on teach pendant. Then you can restart the program run and the execution starts at the same program line where stopped the first time. I have a problem with the program pointer management on UR: by pressing stop button during execution of movement subroutine, the robot stops. But, when i try to restart execution, program pointer losses its position and moves to main program. Is there a way to manage this issue?? Thanks.

  • There is no pointer in polyscope, in fact the blue line it shows while running, isn't even necessarily accurate. Your best bets are to create a thorough safe-homeing routine to restart, and/or possibly using a select-case to skip to the point you were at after a restart/rehoming sequence.

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