Buying used Fanuc robot

  • please read this first:

    What do I have to pay attention to when buying a used robot?

    To make a handling robot with it, thats no problem. For arc welding i suggest to buy a software package from fanuc. I have no idea how much this costs.

  • thanks for the reply. I have already bought a used robot in the past, I am mostly aware of what to look for. I am more specifically asking how to get handling tool and or arc tool running on a robot running spot tool, and assuming I need to purchase these from Fanuc, what it might cost roughly.

  • Been awhile since I looked at prices but seem to remember approx. $2500 USD. That can depend on whether your distributor/integrator passes on some of their discount. The place Fanuc gets you is when you add options.

  • Motion Package RTL-R809 1 $2,095.00
    Details: The Motion Package includes the Motion Interface, Constant Path,
    Singularity Avoidance, ADV-CP Speed Control, ADV-CP Path Control, and
    Collision Guard. The Motion Interface option is used for motion optimization
    including cycle time optimization, path optimization, small shape
    optimization, RV life optimization, and power consumption
    optimization.Constant Path is a motion control option that allows the robot to
    maintain the same path regardless of static or dynamic speed override
    changes. The Singularity Avoidance option allows the robot to work around
    singularity points automatically. Robot singularity can cause regional
    structure degeneracy or wrist degeneracy depending on the structure of a
    robot. The Advanced Constant Path package consists functions for easy
    teaching and cycle time reduction. Collision Guard provides a highly
    sensitive method to detect that the robot has collided with an object and then
    stops the robot immediately.

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