Software Request to KUKA - the robot forum bugs and wish list

  • I fully agree with all your complains concerning documentations!

    What I heard from some people: "Documentation is covering everthing", but there is no recipe on how to solve a specific problem using the doc.

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  • everything should be DESIGNED to solve problems. software and documentation are not excepted.

    i cringe every time i see messages like KSS01342 "Workspace error" and similar

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • i know that... but that is NOT nice. also explaining/rationalizing is only detracting from efforts to IMPROVE products (which is what this topic is aimed at)

    message should tell you EXACTLY what is WRONG, and how to FIX things without going down the LIST of possible causes. for example, workspace error does tell that there is a reach problem but nothing else. and THAT is the problem.

    so can it be improved? sure.. why not tell what is the calculated position that is unreachable. it is already calculated, so why throw the result away? or at least tell me if the limitation is in specific direction (Y+ or Z- or whatever). any time i see such message i want to see what would be in the way of robot movement if it continued unhindered. is that the best that can be done? of course not. if i am to fix this i need to go to the program file and specific line that is trying to do that motion. and that may not be visible. why not tell me SOMETHING useful?

    about the workspace messages. is it really that much of an effort to tell which one of 24 spaces is violated so one does not need to manually check all possible cases? why is one supposed to open Variable monitor and TYPE relevant variable names one by one? this is a perfect example of a failure by design. there has to be a better and faster way. At least add an HMI plugin that shows them all at once (8 cartesian, 8 axis spaces, 8 cylindrical). in fact there is an option to bypass violated spaces but one does do BLINDLY because there is zero information in KUKA HMI what is about to be bypassed.

    same goes for program selection related messages.... why provide barely useful info like

    "Program selected" or "Program deselected" when one could embed NAME of the program into the message?

    i often need to troubleshoot things using supplied archive or diag. it is just AMAZING how many system messages are poorly written. and the MsgLib default is to not even log the user messages into a DB.

    For most users challenge is to even get the message displayed. and if they consider that a success how many are expected to explore further and see if they are logged? then a while later one has to try to piece together what went wrong and all such messages are missing. Whoever programmed MsgLib did not think that retaining messages would be a good idea. Or he had some sort of grudge...

    An archive does not even collect robot run time. another example of "how convenient...".

    even the HMI plugin for workspaces sucks... one has to TYPE the number of the space!? are you frigging kidding me? nobody thought of combo box aka pull down list? to me placing a text box should pretty much be grounds for discipline if not firing of both programmer and the quality controller.

    and one has to change the screen to another page to see or assign related output? Why not put it together with the space name/number/dimensions? and whatever happened with creating page for cylindrical spaces?

    things mentioned above are the reason i am forced to collect significant amount of data on my own since i want to know everything and quickly resolve any sticky situation even when i am 1000km away-

    for example: i want to know run hours (continuous or at powerup), when some interpreter was started and what the program name is. when it was stopped/deselected and HOW (by user, by program and if so by what program). i also want all messages logged. in case of system fault, i collect and log ton of additional data like tool, base, program/subprogram name, robot position (cartesian and axis specific) and many more. MUCH easier to look at than sift through logs or krcdiag.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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