Kawasaki Robot machining with robodk

  • Hello ,

    We are working on machining station with kawasaki FS030L and we are using SolidCAM and RoboDK for offline programing. There is one big issue that we thought someone has encounterd before. So when we make machining program lets say 2.5d just to follow line in robodk everything seems fine but when we run program on robot, it moves to starting position and when it comes to LMOVE limes it raises up and starts working in air. We tried editting tool offset but it didn't help. Here is part of program:

    .PROGRAM FMv2()

    ; Program generated by RoboDK v3.6.0 for Kawasaki FS30L on 16/08/2019 10:28:06

    ; Using nominal kinematics.

    BASE TRANS(1665.000,-215.000,250.000,0.0000,0.0000,90.0000)

    TOOL TRANS(250.000,0.000,88.000,0.0000,90.0000,0.0000)

    ; Show Spindle

    SPEED 1000.0 MM/S ALWAYS

    JMOVE #[98.57517, 42.74407, -102.26859, 169.57113, -55.45971, -84.04237]

    LMOVE TRANS(-0.000,-13.800,110.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000) ( at this point robot rises)

    LMOVE TRANS(-0.000,-13.800,10.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    LMOVE TRANS(-0.000,-13.800,10.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    SPEED 1000.0 MM/S ALWAYS

    LMOVE TRANS(-0.000,-13.800,10.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    SPEED 1000.0 MM/S ALWAYS

    LMOVE TRANS(-0.000,-13.800,10.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    LMOVE TRANS(-0.000,-13.800,25.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    LMOVE TRANS(-0.000,-13.800,2.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)


    LMOVE TRANS(-0.000,-13.800,-0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)


    LMOVE TRANS(-4.800,-13.800,0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    C1MOVE TRANS(-3.394,-10.406,0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    C2MOVE TRANS(0.000,-9.000,0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    LMOVE TRANS(800.000,-9.000,-0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    C1MOVE TRANS(806.364,-6.364,-0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    C2MOVE TRANS(809.000,0.000,-0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    LMOVE TRANS(809.000,600.000,-0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    C1MOVE TRANS(806.364,606.364,-0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    C2MOVE TRANS(800.000,609.000,0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    LMOVE TRANS(0.000,609.000,0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)




    Has anyone tried machining with this kawasaki robot?

    Do you think that this is issue with robotdk?

    Can you suggest us with some other program for robot machining?

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  • Kawasaki is executing the code you posted correctly.

    The move you have indicated contains '110' in the Z direction, as it is a positive value, this makes it 'rise'.

    All of your moves are using the TRANS referencing the BASE, therefore all elements in your instructions are moving the tool along the BASE coordinate vectors.

    Check out the AS Manual for further explanation of BASE and TOOL and also TRANS command.

    Your BASE Z vector is pointing 'up', therefore a TRANS with a positive value in Z, will result in 'upward' motion.

    It is clear RoboDK do not apply any 'APPRO' instructions and are using the Z value as the approach to the target, judging by the Z value decrease, then remaining at 0 throughout the end of the program.

    - Therefore, adjust your start # position to be above the first LMOVE, and your robot will travel down.

    - Maybe change step 7 to JMOVE #[98.575, 18.784, -87.232, 151.342, -18.114, -62.551]

    Does RoboDK generate this # move for you, or do you put this posture in yourself?

  • Thank You,

    I'll give it a try. This code is fully generated by RoboDK.
    # posture is generates also by RoboDK, goal is to import gcode set it in reference frame in our case on work table and generate code.

    What software are you using to generate tool path on image that you sent?

  • Quote

    This code is fully generated by RoboDK.

    How can it be fully generated, surely you need to put some parameters in first like robot model, tool parameters, start point etc, otherwise it would need to 'read your mind'?

    I'm just using KROSET (Kawasaki dedicated OLP) to load your generated code into and executing it as is.

    - It won't produce GCODE.

  • Yes, my bad. So you need to select type of robot, tool and reference frame. Here is link for tutorial:

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    Thank You, I'll let you know when I try some modifications.

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