CR-35iA - SRVO-482 and mastering.

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    Im having trouble with a CR-35iA unit. It's a robot that is used in a R&D enviroment it has not been used a lot at all.

    Background: Im new in this workplace and took over this problem from a former co-worker. The trouble started after he changed the batteries of the Unit. After changing the batteries he got an "SRVO-491 Collabrative Stroke limit" error. Fanuc's response were that we might have lost mastering data. The co-worker tried doing a mastering, which seems to not have been done properly.

    Todays status:

    1) Mastering: I am in dialog with FANUC support and set the $MASTER_COUN values back to factory setting. As you can see in my attachment the physical robot position and 4D does not match at all.

    2) SRVO-482 Robot is moved in stop check: This error appears after a short time jogging. When this happens, the robot is not willing to move any axis. Fanuc support has yet to give me an explanation of this error.

    I find it difficult to think that there is any damage to an encoder or the robot in general. I do think this is a software issue. But stranger things have happened, so I might be wrong.

    So any advice is appreciated. I dont have a lot of experience with robotics, so be specific :)

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  • If you can move robot I would try and remaster the robot properly, you probably have to take off foam covers to see the witness marks. If you cant move it try and disable DCS, not sure if this will work because I haven't seen that alarm before.


  • I'm assuming he changed the batteries with the power off and more than likely lost mastering. Stroke limit is a soft limit setup in the robot to avoid damaging anything by smacking a hard stop. So I would say he probably mastered it way off and now the robot thinks that it is somewhere it's not. Like JuiceeMan said, remove the protective padding and find the witness marks on the robot and redo the mastering properly and you should be fine. Search through the forums about Mastering and you will find plenty of info on the how-to's.

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  • OK, thanks. Guess I will try to master it on the zero marks then. Hopefully that will atleast correct one problem. Then hopefully this will resolve the other error.

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    I think both of your alarms are related to the mastering being off. Like I said right now your robot thinks it's in one place but is in fact somewhere else more than likely one of the soft limits is being hit. You can check the physical position of the robot and look at your axis limits to see if that is indeed the case. Under MENU>NEXT>POSITION it will tell you the current position of the robot (or at least where it thinks it's at) and then under MENU>NEXT>SYSTEM>AXIS LIMITS you can see where the soft limits are currently set.

    "I could tell that my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio."

  • Hey

    Zero mastering did the trick to get the robot back to normal positioning.

    I'm new here. I have a CR35ia robot, i have to calibrate it but there is no zero marks under the foam?
    How did you do? Thanks

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