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    To celebrate my 1000th post, I thought I would post a couple of small video clips relating to KROSET Lite limitations.

    The attached video clips show you how to maximize Lite version where:

    1. You can add multiple models in order to create a more contained cell environment - by using quick builder and the recycle bin.

    2. Add a tool model with an applicable tool center point - by copying an existing Tool STL and modifying the origin to line up with the true tool center point dimensions.

    (You will need a suitable application that can open/modify/create STL files - I used Design Spark for example).

    These have been created/tested on the current 1.80 and 1.81 version (it is possible, Kawasaki may change future versions to prevent this).

    They are self explanatory really, but if you have any questions or comments, then feel free to post...…..:top:

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  • An additional video clip that also shows the addition of a tool model, but in this case, the original stl file origin was not drawn referencing the Kawasaki tool null coordinate system and also includes orientation (OAT) values, so this origin is corrected, placed at the true tool center point values and the OAT values applied to the stl then added to the robot in KROSET Lite and Tool motion confirmed...….:top:

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