Weld Enable won't work on auto

  • Hello,

    I'm new to this forum and having an issue with one of my robots and hoping for some help.

    I have recently required an Fanuc arc mate 120ic attached to a Lincoln Electric i400. I can get the robot welding on t2 mode.

    On auto i can get it welding when i turn on the weld input for arc enable, same as simulating the digital input for the weld enable.

    Is there a way to turn weld enable/Disable via teach pendant on auto when tp is turned off?

    I have a rj2 and rj3 which will allow me to do so, Shift+ weld enable.

    As usual, for my workplace anyway, there are no manuals or any info from where we bought the robot, and i don't want the operators to be altering the di/wi/d0 if can be helped.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated,

    Many thanks,


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