Quaternion rotation in Sunrise

  • Is there a way to command a rotation motion as a quaternion to the LBR?

    I am currently converting from quaternion to Euler angles, but I would like to avoid this step.

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    As far as I am aware, the LBR (like all "normal" KUKAbots) is only programmable in Euler angles (specifically, Z-Y'-X" sequence). To use Quaternions, I don't think you have any option but to convert.

    I know people have written subroutines in KRL to convert between Quats and Eulers (and between different Euler sequences, to convert between KUKA and Fanuc coordinates, for example). The key factor is that, when converted into a 4x4 Position/Orientation matrix, all these different methods for representing position and orientation in space look the same -- the matrix is, in effect, the "common language" between them. So standard methods exist for converting from any Euler sequence, or Quaternions, to the matrix, and from the matrix to any other Euler or Quaternion notation.

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