Mir100 + UR5e communication error

  • Hello guys,
    I am working on a Mir100 with UR5e series and my problem is that when i turn on the two robots and i try to launch a Mir mission, it works correctly and executes UR programs but when i change the UR mode to manual to modify programs for example and when i finish my changes and turn it into distance control to be able to execute programs with the Mir's instruction "Run UR program", the Mir shows me an error and i have to reboot it to resolve this problem. any ideas??

  • We had a lot of issues connecting the UR5 with our MiR too. We originally had the UR connected via ethernet, and after maybe a day trying to run them both, the UR would freeze after loading and running programs all day and require a reboot. When we rebooted the UR the MiR also ended up needing to reboot to re-establish connection too.

    The solution we ended up with was to use a wifi I/O Module. This was a MiR Module that was connected to the UR. We had a repeating program on the UR that was looking for specific signals on the I/O to initiate specific programs, and the MiR was looking for specific I/O to signify program was done and the arm was in a "home" position - ready to drive.

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