Communication between Kemppi and DX200

  • Hello,

    Did anyone connect the DX200 and Kemppi power source before?
    I did communication between those and i can send welding parameter form power source to dx200 (select channel in Kemppi) but now i will send parameter from DX200 to Kemppi but i don't know how can i do.
    Also, i will know about setting in ASF files. can i have any setting in start and end welding file?

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  • Hi

    I'm working with two DX200 welding robots that have Kemppi power sources.
    They were set up by Yaskawa though and the power source has some additional hardware for the setup.
    I use Arc Auxiliary Condition file, ASF is not used - if I remember correctly I tried it once and it didn't affect anything. Aux file does.
    I don't know where you're located, but you could ask from Yaskawa Finland. Kemppi being a Finnsh company - the finns have what you're looking for.

  • I do have full backups, yes. What exactly are you looking for?
    As far as the jobs go - DOUT OG#(9) changes the channel on Kemppi. ARCON command can be used without SET METHOD, but as I want to use REPLAY function defined in Aux Condition file I use ARCON AC=1 AVP=50 RETRY REPLAY just to get the Replay. AC and AVP don't affect anything.
    Depending on the generation of the power source communication with robot can be analog, devicenet or ethernet (on the A7). As you're talking about DX200 I'm guessing it's not analog.

  • Is it possible give me your backup for more info and setting?
    Is it possible say me what setting must we do in Aux condition file?
    I know about the out(9) for change the channel in Kemppi. Know, I will set parameter from robot to Kemppi. I will know how can I set amp and volt in robot and send to Kemppi? You say me the AC tag in ARCON isn't effective. How can I send amp and volt and WFS to Kemppi?

  • What file are you asking for when asking for settings? If you're asking for CMOS.bin, I can't give you that.
    Aux condition file is set up to your liking/need. Also S1D225 parameter defines what options you have there for Replay function. 0,1 - shifting towards earlier point when retrying; 2,3 - shifting in XYZ according do the amounts set in Aux file; 4,5,6 - shifting towards the next point. Depending on the parameter value you get different SET METHODs for ARCON command. And of course you can always use none, but that would make the robot show an Alarm every time it fails to start the arc or it cuts out while welding.
    I don't send any voltage or amperage info to the power source. Voltage, aperage and wire speed info is stored on different Kemppi channels and I just switch between those in the JOBs.

  • Is it possible help for start ComArc?

    According to ComArc manual, we must set AC tag in ARCON instruction same as U/D in COMARCON instruction for two test (Phase Compensation test and Sensing test) , but we couldn't use AC tags in ARCON for select current and voltage. what is solution in this time?

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