Welding speed and override

  • Dear all , I'm sure this has been asked before but time has passed ! I want to reduce my override speed whilt maintaining my programmed weld speed . Back in the RG and RG2 days it wasn't an issue , now it seems it is. Also how can I can my overall max robot speed to say 50% in Point to Point and say 500mm/sec etc whilst under linear and circular etc. Best Regards

  • Alternatively i think you could send your weld established signal from the robot to the PLC, and use the PLC to set your override. Then you could change your air move speed in one place on the pendant and use the PLC to toggle between weld speed and air speed based on whether or not it detected you to be welding or not.

    I would only worry about the override affecting the start or end of welds, depending on latency.

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