KRC2 Fujitsu Siemens D1688-K32 GS1 motherboard manual

  • Hi Forum,

    Please do forgive me if my request is a bit outdated and if what I am looking for has already been posted.

    I really have tried to find this manual on this forum and generally on the net - no luck.

    Does anyone have a technical manual for the Fujitsu Siemens D1688-K32 GS1 motherboard?

    I have 'inherited' this Kuka robot with a KRC2 controller and am looking to use it on a project. The controller however is in bits and pieces and I need to to assemble/install and configure it.

    The PC controller motherboard, case, power supply and plug in cards were supplied separately from a company in Germany which is no longer trading. (No hard drive - grrrr).

    I am OK with assembling the controller but before I power up I need to check I have connected and configured everything correctly.
    > BIOS battery could need changing
    > I need Visual output to a standard PC screen to check all setups and not sure if I can get away with just a KVGA card - if that is working.
    > I need to verify RAM and general status/settings of the motherboard - including certain capability.
    > I need to check jumpers on the motherboard are correct - if needed.
    > I need to check ports and what needs to be connected.
    > There are some connectors wired into the case and I do not know where they are supposed to go.
    > There are some connector points on the motherboard and I do not know what these are for.
    > etc :icon_smile:

    Your help in locating this motherboard would be most appreciated.

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  • just get manual for any version of D1688 motherboard. Internet is full of documentation. suffix K here means that BIOS is KUKA specific but hardware options, configurations etc are all the same.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • Still no luck though - I can get the datasheet but not the technical manual - only places available want credit card details and I don't need a subscription.

  • i don't really work with KRC2 any more but this was something that was easy to find. so i decided to see for myself if times have changed.

    1. google produces bunch of garbage links to sites that only show 2-page preview. go figure...

    2. Visited Kuka .Xpert, only found article number, not cool Kuka, not cool...

    3. Finally went straight to the source, FSC is "Fujitsy Siemens Computers" or Fujitsu computers sold through Siemens. and of course was all that was needed.

    It took 10 minutes but i got the manual, drivers etc. I don't know how you spent an hour on this and still came up empty...

    anyway, enjoy:

  • - Why do You think You have to update the BIOS?

    - on what website did You find the BIOS for D1683?

    - BIOS always is specific for the exact mainboard, don't use a BIOS for a different mainboard at all.

    - Kuka modified some BIOSes (don't know if that mainboard has a modified BIOS), so You are dependant on KUKA.

  • D1688 was a popular mobo and several variants exists - including one from KUKA which is recognized by suffix "-K"

    BIOS update is possible of course, and KUKA has up-to-date file and work procedure, so if you do have KUKA version of the motherboard and wish to upgrade it, ... contact Kuka support (may mention article number 00-154-293 and work-instruction AA-0551_V00).

    An example of case where upgrade is done is to get proper USB support (before upgrade, USB support is non existent or ... very poor at best.)

    for example:

    * nothing USB works or

    * if anything is connected to USB system hangs up and never boots or

    * only HID devices like USB keyboard or mouse may work

    * USB stick may temporarily work if forced (one session only),

    * etc.

  • I have a motherboard for the KUKA robot KRC2 that is not booting.
    No image appears and I would like to reprogram the bios to do a test.
    That's why I need the file to do the programming.

    This file I am not finding to download.

    The model of the MB: D1688-K32 GS 4

  • Hello. Everyone please help me connect the standard HDD sata. Via mainboard code D1688-K32 G 1. Currently I connect it not recognizing hardware in bios. I'm using it in KRC2. Currently I can only use it via IDE connection. Thanks everyone.

  • As I recall D1688 has no SATA ports. what is the drive you want to connect to it? using what hardware?

    Thank you. currently i am using DI1688 like this. Don't know if it's the Bios version developed by Kuka and locked the Sata function on the mainboard. I tried installing a standard SATA HDD, but when I checked in the Bios, there was no hardware in it.

  • That is not Kuka version of the D1688 as you suggested.

    And still That does not answer my questions.

    What is the drive you have exactly!?

    How is it connected to motherboard?

    If using wrong motherboard, drivers likely do not include additional hardware features. So you would have to have correct driver installed explicitly or use inline converter (external hardware) that does not need drivers.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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