DX100 Universal Output

  • This may be a dumb question from a noob . . .

    I am busy trying to get the universal outputs on the DX100 working. All I need is one output to connect to a relay.

    I am using the DOUT Inform function and can turn on and off the universal outputs according to the I/O panel on the pendant. Picture attached. The code I used was as follows:

    SET B000 255
    DOUT OG#(1) B000

    This should set outputs 1 to 8 to high if I am not mistaken. User outputs 1 to 8 are pins A10-A13, B10-B13 on the CN309 connector on the I/O box. But none of the CN309 pins show any change when I run a job with the above code. In fact I checked all the pins on CN306, 307, 308, and 309 just to be sure. I am using a multimeter with ground attached to the ground busbar on the controller. The 24V on pins A18, B18 of CN309 picks up just fine.

    Am I missing a step in the assignment of universal outputs to output pins on the I/O box?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated ???

  • The outputs are normally NPN (that is they send zero volts out). If you have your meter attached to ground you are not going to see anything. Attach the positive lead of your meter to +24 and check the outputs again with the negative lead.

    If you have the optional PNP board, your checking it correctly and you will have to look at the CIO to make sure outputs 1 to eight are sent to a physical output. Search for relay 10010. It should be just before 30030, or maybe 30040 depending on who did your CIO.


  • What I/O board are you using? NPN or PNP?

    I'm using a YIU01 NPN (sinking) board. If I were to hook up a relay for OT#(1) I would have 24Vdc (CN309-A18 or B18 going to the + side of the coil. The - side of the coil would then go to CN309-B10.

    Something to think about. CN306 and CN309 are transistor outputs. They are only good for 50 mA. CN307 is relay dry contacts. They are good for 500 mA. Also, a kickback diode should be installed, if the coil doesn't have one already, and should be biased correctly.

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  • I have the YIU02-E board. Not sure if that is NPN or PNP but either way I'm still not picking up any outputs.

    I tried connecting my meter + to CN309 B18 and - to B10. No output. I have also tried using OUT17 (A8 and B8 on CN307) to see if there is contact between A8 and B8 when setting OUT#(17) ON. No contact when I try that either.

    In the CIO there is GSTR #10010 which I'm guessing means that outputs 1 to 8 are set to physical output?

    Attached an alarm message I got when accidentally shorting B18 on CN 309 onto another pin a few days ago. I have checked all the fuses on the controller and they are fine. No error messages on startup. Could I have fried the IO board maybe?

    Thanks for the help :)

  • Solved this at last. I found a manual for the "External IO Signal Allocation Function". I went into maintenance mode and there were no Input or output signals assigned. Apparently this is done in the factory so I'm not sure how it got undone, but at least it works now :saint:

  • Hey there, Yaskawa Motoman Dx100 how to activate univelsal input (IG 5)

    What do you mean, activate? Turn on? Wire up?

    To turn on manually, go to ON/OUT. Go to Universal Outputs. Cursor to the status circle. Press and hold INTERLOCK and press SELECT.

    For a job enter in a DOUT or PULSE instruction.

    To wire up follow the prints for your particular application.

    I know a thing or two, because I’ve seen a thing or two. Don't even ask about a third thing. I won't know it.

  • Thank you for your answer. I am a beginner still do not know much. We have a digital team from HMI to select the model d100, I want to connect the d100 to the universal input of the IG5 robot

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