Controlling ABB robot arm(irb 1200) with siemens PLC

  • Hi SharplesR,

    Thanks for your reply, I didn't install this IPPNIO.xml, file on ABB (IRC5) side, where can I get this file and how does it work , like installation and configuration .


  • Hi Paubau,

    Do you have any sample program for Siemens PLC and ABB robot on profinet interface, I couldn't find any manual for this. One more thing I am not able to establish profinet interface without service port connection, means for my profinet connection if I remove either service port or LAN3 connection goes off. I am not sure my what is the issue, however I am using one switch for this connection.


  • As far as i know, service port should be DIRECTLY connected to your laptop/pc.

    Take a closer look at the attached application manual, maybe you will find an answer..

    if you got a working pn connection, you just have to configure your I/O signals and thats it..

    but i suggest you to read through the manuals..

  • I'm only using the plc for processing coordinates and to show basic commands & infos on a panel, 95% of programming is located in the irc.

    maybe the picture gives you a hint

  • Hi,

    I have downloaded RobotWare Tools and Utilities 6.09.02, but profinet folder doesn't contain

    PROFINET configurator.exe file. anyone can share please. I am using ABB IRC5 (Robotware version 6.01.1010).


  • Yea, thats because you have to open the I/O configurator (its a tool from RS, no external tool)

    Click on controller (at the upper bar), then configuration, then I/O configurator. There, you will find a device catalog where you have to choose the right internal device and setup the DI and DO bytes which have to match with the plc IO bytes.

    doesnt matter if robot is in automatic or manual mode.

    And i dont had to write any plc program for PN. just configure input and output bytes (64byte in my case.. fairly enough) and setup right IP.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your response, I followed the same path but when I select Profinet option I get blank page, see below snap. How can I fix this issue.



  • Its a part of Robotstudio i guess.. maybe try to update

    release notes from robotstudio 6.07:


    I/O Configurator

    The I/O Configurator required for configuration of PROFINET, PROFISAFE and the CI-502 module is integrated with RobotStudio 6.07.The I/O Configurator can be opened from the Configuration menu of the Controller tab.

  • Hi,

    That is the problem I am still using 6.03 and its not there. we need to configure IO's even we are using robot as a slave?

  • Hi,

    Thanks, however with the same version I managed to add signals in IO System. But now I can use these signals just to trigger the output of the robot on a profinet network without using hardwired connection. how can I use these signals for monitoring and other control purposes, please advise.


  • you can use system input/output (Controller->Configuration->I/O-System->System Input/System Output)..

    I dont understand the question, you can link the signals to any variable in your code..

  • Hi,

    Okay by assigning System Input/System Output can I see live status of robot, means is there any way to monitor robot status by profinet, or in other words I am actually interested to know what are the other thing I can do with profinet connection. At the moment I am just enabling robot input and output over profinet connection instead of hardwired connction. But I am sure, there are a lot more thing I can do, kindly advise some possible application with the help of profinet.

  • Maybe transfer coordinates over plc.. monitor any parameter of the robot..

    I think you can use PN for everything you want to.

    I dont understand the purpose of asking all those things when you dont even have a goal yet.

    I'm working on my bachelor thesis and read through all manuals to get things to work.

  • Hi,

    I am trying to use ABB integrated vision for IRC5 controller. I have followed all the instructions as specified in the manual. I am not sure where I am making mistake because at the end when I modify position (5. Mark the position myrobtarget and tap Modify Position.) and run program robot come to the target object perfectly, but when I change object location robot doesn't move to the target object correctly and seems lost. Kindly advise during camera configuration, which section I need to focus more in order to get rid of this error.


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