PickMaster3 in connection with external sensor problem

  • Hello,
    I have an application for FlexPicker robot, which is created on PickMaster3. The application should works with external sensor from SICK but I have a problem. Let me explain this.

    Controler IRC5 Compact has got RobotWare in 6.07.01 version with PickMaster3, one conveyor area and other communication options.
    Controller is connnected to DSQC 377B QTrack module via CAN (DeviceNet) and via EthernetIP to DSQC 1030 LOCAL IO module.
    I use DSQC 377B input 9 as Strobe output from the external sensor (SICK 3D camera). Other data with coordinates are sending from the camera via UDP protocol and received by PickMaster.
    There we have two encoders - one is used by SICK camera used probably to coordinate in third dimenson. The second one is connected to DSQC 377B module and send position to IRC5.
    I created PickMaster project. I added controler, conveyor and external sensor and configured at this moment only Pick Area as Conveyor Work Area. There I used only strobe signal as "c1NewObjStrobe", because the camera itself trigger pictures every time (screen in attachment).

    I do all the steps to configure picking, as calculate countsPerMeter and calibrate BaseFrame for the conveyor. I check it and I get position from the encoder.

    When I start the program robot moves to his start position. Then I start the conveyor. After few second I get this information in PickMaster (screen in attachment) and robot doesn't move.
    I turned off firewall on PC with PickMaster. In additional I checked strobe signal duration and it equals +/- 0.02s. Does it long enough?

    Thanks for your help.

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