Automatic Tool Commenting

  • Hi,
    Short question.

    Since I am using a lot of TCPs depending the workpiece I am currently working on, I use custom .TP programs to save different TCP positions to PRs. If the workpiece I use is I also have a separate file for the TCP locations. My question is this: Is there a way each time I call a TCP program, to also update the tool comments ? I tried to look for a comment variable for the UTOOL list since I also have a variables manual but I was unable to find any. Any help would be greately appreciated.

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  • U can use KAREL to automatically set the comments. Example code:

    str_value = 'SETUP_DATA[1,1,' + IndexStr + '].$COMMENT'

    SET_VAR(entry, 'tpfdef', str_value, CommentStr,STATUS)

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