Fanuc Code Verses Epson or ABB

  • Hi

    I am a controls systems programmer and have a strong robotics and PLC skills

    I have plenty experience working with ABB and Epson Robots.

    But never Fanuc...

    I have a project coming up and it will time constrained so I will not have time to learn on my own.

    So I was wondering should I go for Fanuc specific training or is it not to dis-similar to the above robots mentioned ?

    Thanks in Advance for your opinions

  • Been doing some research online myself,

    - Robots have to be programmed with the Teach pendant.
    - Ascii option needs to be installed to upload text files with the program in it. (allows to program with laptop some what )

    This seems ridiculous to me in this day and age.
    I was programming Epson robots via RC+ on a laptop about 10 years ago.
    Then with ABB from 5-6 years ago via robot studio.

    Is Fanuc really that far behind ? in this particular regard.

  • Much of the Fanuc is TP programming, Karel is the higher level language for doing more esoteric stuff. Most of the time you get by without Karel. TP programming is very basic, some say more user friendly. I consider it "dumbed down". Often times I see a lot of labels and jumping around, makes for "spaghetti" programs. It seems that Fanuc love to sell a less expensive robot, but nickel and dime you with options like Ascii option.

  • Thanks Lemster,

    Its just that I need to program the Robot to work on multiple parts aka multipe recipes.

    I can see that taking along time now using the teach pendant :baseball:

    Our customer requested this spcific I know why.. Cheaper for them more expensive for us to develop. :waffen100:

    I was previously presuming :party1: in 2019 all robot manufacturer's would have something like robot studio to make the software easy to develop.

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