Move and set a variable when arrived in target

  • Hello guys,
    i can't understand how to do this thing with ABB robot:

    Move to a target and set a variable (For example, nCounter:=123).
    If i do it in this way:

    MoveL target,vMax,z200,tool1;
    MoveL target2,vMax,z200,tool1;

    i can't arrive in target2 and variable is already 345 because of the zone..
    is there any method to set when i'm near the target?
    I tried with MoveLsync but i can't set a variable or call a procedure with an argument...
    obviosly i can't use "fine" MoveL...

    Thank you so much!

    P.S: With Kuka Robot i use TRIGGER WHEN DISTANCE=1 to set a variable when I arrive in target

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  • Make a custom MoveL routine into which you pass the parameter or the number you want to set.

    and the variable will be set when robot in position, also with zone?

    Now i'm using MoveLgo/MoveJgo and, instead of a variable, i write a group of output (works fine also with zones)

    thank you guys

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