Denso movement comparable to fanuc cnt

  • Hello Guys,

    I am pretty new to denso. I am trying to move around an object to get to my install point. I had to teach about 5 position to get to where I need. However the robot stops at every points. I want it to be a more consistent movement. What is comparable to fanuc CNT. I am using a 3 axis denso with the rc8 controller.

    MOVE P , P60 'Send Robot To Clip 6 Transition 1
    MOVE P , P50 'Send Robot To Clip 5 Transition 1
    MOVE P , P40 ' Send Robot To Clip 4 Transition 1
    MOVE P , P30 ' Send Robot To Clip 3 Transition 1
    MOVE P , P20 ' Send Robot To Clip 2 Transition 1
    MOVE P , P10 ' Send Robot To Clip 1 Transition 1

    Here is my little snipit of my code. I am looking for a continuious motion from point 60->50->40->30->20->10 and to stop at 10


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