UOP remapping

  • Hi,
    I have Roboweld with RJ3iB mate controller.
    There is a PLC connected to Fanuc robot through CRMA79.

    In this CRMA 79 first 12 DOs are UOPs going to PLC.

    UOP Auto Assignment = NONE

    I want to remap the first 12 DOs from 13 to 20 of CRMA79 and rest 4 on CRMA81

    If I do this then how I will re-route the signals like CMND ENABLE,SYSRDY and others to pin no 13 to 20 of CRMA 79 and CRMA81.
    Do I have to manually change the each and every single UOP to new Outputs(13 to 20) or is there other way.

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  • UO and DO have there own separate mapping and are not related to each other at all. Sometimes people map UO and DO to the same points which makes them equivalent to each other which sounds like your case. So if you want to change the UO mapping then go ahead and do it in IO>UOP>Config. Then it will free up your 12 DO's for some other purpose which is what I assume you are trying to accomplish.

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