Panasonic touch sensor function part present search

  • Panasonic robot TM-1800WGH III U with GIII controller

    The robot has a touch sense function and I’m trying to figure out how to do a part present search. We have issues with mixed component placement (multiple components that are similar but different heights). I would like to do a search to make sure the wrong part is not there. I’m having issues because the robot will fault when it fails to detect a part. Can’t find much info online and from reading the manual the only thing that I think might help me is the function key “Drct Go” but I can’t find this option anywhere in the controller key option.

    We have a motorman with touch sense and because the touch sense routine can be opened I can edit it to check for missing parts.

  • Set “No sensing input” to “Shift” in touch sensor setup in Management system settings. This will prevent the no sensing input error.
    Use conventional touch sense commands instead of SLS as in example below. This is only an example. Individual situations may vary according to part orientation, max travel distance, variables/elements used, etc.
    In the example below the part is sensed in the Y minus direction. When max travel distance is reached without touching, robot stops, exits away, saves the offset in a GD variable, converts the Y element value to an integer variable. If value is beyond normal part placement i.e. part is missing, program CALLS the Error routine. Otherwise it continues on normally. It's up to you how you want to handle the error routine.

    CLEAR GI#(1:GI0001)
    MOVEP P1
    MOVEL P2
    MOVEL P3
    SNSSFTSV GD#(1:GD0001)
    MOVEL P4
    CONVSET GI#(1:GI0001)=GD.Y#(1:GD0001)
    IF GI#(1:GI0001) <-15 THEN CALL Error ELSE NOP
    MOVEP P5

  • Do you guys know the significance of the MOVEL+ vs. the MOVEL in a Panasonic G3 controller search sequence? I have programs from a customer with both:

    TCHSNS, 0.30

    MOVEL+, P022, 3.00, m/min, 0, N, -1


    TCHSNS, 0.30

    MOVEL, P010, 30.00, m/min, 0, N, 0

    The G3 manual I have does not include anything regarding MOVEL+

  • Two more items I've seen which are not documented in my manual:

    SLS TCH, 40, Y+, 0, 170, 70, 0.00, 0, 0, 0x01, 0 (also with "non" rather than Y+)

    The docs refer to an SLS file but I see nothing that tells me what this command does. Obviously an alternative form of seam search but does it actually perform a move for the seam search or simply setup parameters for the following move with the search active?

    Also, most targets from a DTPS ASCII file have no index but some have an index (i.e. AU(20) or AJ(20)):

    P060, AU(20), 1332.032999999999902, 18.062999999999999, 183.751000000000005, 84.572000000000003, 12.710000000000001, 174.996000000000009, 3594.797000000000025, 0.050000000000000

    What's the significance of this index?

  • SLS is the touch sensor library selection. REF SLS specifies a file to be used in a job header. It contains the sensor movements and parameters needed in the job. SLS TCH is the command containing menu number from the reference file plus any ancillary settings for a specific touch sense operation i.e. retries, modifiers, etc. In your example, a retry is set up for the Y+ direction, "non" means no retrying. You may have difficulty self teaching this. Especially without documentation. This is optional software.

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