Arduino Uno with load cell

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    I am currently working on my final year thesis - automation of 3D printer harvesting with a UR3 robot from Universal Robots. I am planning on using an Arduino Uno with a load cell to detect when there are too few parts in the storage box. The microcomputer should then signal the 3D printer to start printing. I want to know if the Arduino could be used as an input to the robot as well - to signal it when to open and remove parts from the 3D printer.

  • If you need more then 0 or 1 to send to the robot you can use the arduino + ethernet shield and use modbus library ,I used it and is working .

  • If you can put a relay output on it then you could wire one of the UR inputs to that relay and then by using the relay you can then signal the UR input

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    So I decided to use a raspberry pi instead, I was having trouble with connecting the Arduino uno to wifi. I am going to use the blynk app to have one of the GPIO pins give an output signal that will then activate the relay and so give a digital input to the UR3. Does this sound right?

  • Sounds good. Just be sure to pull all 24v signals from the robot's controller to avoid damaging circuitry, Also, to be fully autonomous, you'll need to enable remote control in polyscope, and might need more than one input to the robot to start, depending on the robots program.

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