KRC4 - Share points between programs

  • Hi all,

    I was wondering if I have a way to "share" points between programs.

    Imagine I have a routine for my full path, and I need to place the robot to some known positions of this path (path.src) for adjustments (adustStart.scr & adjustPick.src & ...).

    Is there a way to access points from path.dat in my adjust programs ?

    I imagine declaring my points in some global manner, or maybe in the config.dat, but I' like some advice on the best practise.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Jean- Patrick,

    If you are using KSS 8.5 there is already an inbuilt functionality to declare the points as global, when you are setting the parameters for the point you will see that there is a second page in which there is a check box for declare as global point and once you set this the point data will be saved in the Global points.dat located in the system folder and the point data can be used in all programs.

    If you are not using KSS 8.5 you can write a .dat file in which the point data is declared as global, but be careful with this as I ran into some issues with this myself lately as you can have problems when trying to touch up the points.
    The best approach I think in this case is to have a globalpoints.src file and a globalpoints.dat for just the points, for example teach all the points in the globalpoints.src and declare all of the point data in the globalpoints.dat as global, then copy and paste the required points into the program you want. Then if you need to reteach any point just do it from the globalpoints.src and the point will be modified within all the sub programs in which it is used as it pulls from the point data in the globalpoints.dat.

  • Personally, I dislike putting anything in $CONFIG.DAT that I don't absolutely have to. But under any KSS version 5.4(?) or higher, you can use DECL GLOBAL inside any .DAT file to achieve the same effect. So there are other options.

    If you want to share points, though, you need to be extra-aware of your Tool and Base settings in the inline forms. I've seen several incidents where someone did this, but one program was using Tool X and Base Y, and the other program was using Tool A and Base B. So touching it up and testing in in Program 1 caused Program 2 to behave... unexpectedly.

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