Lock Override Kuka

  • Robot spec: KRC4, Kss 8.3.39

    I need to know how to lock and unlock the possibility to change the robot's speed override. What i want to do is to set the override at 100% in a specific moment and work on the tcp speed. During this period i don't want to give the chance to change the override. Is that possible?
    Thank you for the help.

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  • sure, with few lines of code for example.

    in $config.dat declare limit


    in SPS add some code like


    and then in your program set limit as you please

    OV_LIMIT = 30 ; just an example


    OV_LIMIT = -1 ; no longer limited

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  • Thank you panic mode for your answer. I already tryed with your solution, but if i press the button to increase(or decrease) the override,it change for a moment and then turn back to my OV_LIMIT. in other words I'd like to know if it's possible to not command the override from the buttons(disabling the override keys).I've already read manuals but i didn't found anything about.

  • I'm not sure there is any way to block access to the override speed. It might be possible to limit it to the Expert user group, but I'm not certain.

    Using Panic's method, you're creating a "custody battle" of sorts between the pendant buttons and the SPS. It's possible to change $OV_PRO from the pendant, but the SPS will always see that and correct it within 12ms (unless your SPS is badly constructed, with WAITs or other time-blocking commands). So while someone really determined could keep hammering the buttons and making the speed oscillate a bit, generally the SPS will correct it so quickly that the physical effect will be minimal -- 12ms just isn't enough time for the robot to accel/decel much.

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